Summer Loving

Summer Loving

It may not “officially” be summer yet, but it’s reaching 100 degrees this week, so we are having summer fun!

My mom’s pool was FINALLY completed, so we took our first swim.  Remi is FEARLESS.  We had to do some trial and error with floaties.  She’s too little for the puddle jumpers (pictured here), and she’s too fearless to be without it (and she likes her floatie ring, but doesn’t want to stay in it the whole time).  So thankfully, we’ve found a flotation solution that works.

She LOVED the water.  Doesn’t mind getting her face wet (in fact, she’s loving being thrown and dunking under the water!) and she’s so brave.

We’ve done a little evening fishing with Tyler, but the first trip was FUNNY.  He grabbed the wrong life jacket and it was HUGE.  When she sat down, it came up and squished her face.  Poor girl.

But as long as she was standing, she was happy!

She liked driving the boat with Dada.

And she loved watching Dada fish!

On the next boating trip, he caught a fish and she fearlessly touched it. Then the fish showed off and jumped when we put it back in the water, which was super fun as well.


Here’s to more fun in the water!

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