Summer Memories that I Somehow Missed

Summer Memories that I Somehow Missed

I went back through our summer pics and realized I had a few things that I never posted!

Remi woke up early one morning and asked me to catch a grasshopper for her. Mark that down as “Things I would only do for my child” I was NOT a bug lover as a kid. In fact, I would scream, cry and avoid them at all costs. Very afraid. So I’m trying to foster an interest in critters so she’s not scared.

We went to a NWA Naturals game. A fun summer tradition. We enjoyed the kids area, the food, the game and the fireworks!

The only one sadness was that she didn’t get to see the mascots. She handled the disappointment well (which is a theme this summer, she’s much more controlled on her emotions).

I did a quick trip to Nashville by way of Memphis to see Hanson at the Ryman! I stopped at Amber’s for the night, we grabbed Emily and drove to Nashville!

The show was AWESOME. We ended up with AMAZING seats (and even got a quick cameo in a news segment!) It was a quick trip but TOTALLY worth it!

We love running into friends around town, especially sweet Barret! Remi loves “Bear” and he ALWAYS gets a big hug from her. We see lots of friends at Geno’s anytime we are there. It’s fun to see friends and eat and hang together!

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