Super Fun Weekend at Home

Super Fun Weekend at Home

We needed some down time, and since Daddy decided to go check on his hunting spot before the season begins, Remi and I had a weekend at home.

Friday night (after curious George) I let her play past bedtime.

I got this ADORABLE dragon cape at TJ Maxx. She loves it!


And I love the cute bow on the tail.


As soon as she woke up Saturday, I decided we were gonna have a “yes” day. I wanted to enjoy the day and agree to reasonable things (when I might talk her out of some of her crazy ideas otherwise).

That meant swinging in our pajamas before 7 a.m. With her (naked) baby doll.


Then we played and painted.


And played some more. Every time she offered me to join, I jumped in.


Then we decorated cookies. With our aprons. She loves this. And she used almost an entire container of sprinkles (which I’m still sweeping up) but whatever, man. She’s only little once.


Then she wanted to go for a ride, so we drove up and down our long driveway with the window down after bath.


We found a dead butterfly in our garage, but she wanted to hold it and bring it inside. Ok! I love helping her explore, even if I’m TOTALLY bug-averse. I don’t want her to have my fears, so I lean into that.


Sunday morning was the same thing: playing outside for the sunrise.  She said “Momma, the sunset is booootiful! Come see” when she woke me up.

So we played before church.


She’s so fun and imaginative. I’m so thankful we had some down time to slow down and play and enjoy ourselves.

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