Super Weekend

Super Weekend

We had a “super” weekend together. We pieced together some really fun plans!

It started Saturday morning when Tyler and Remi dropped me off at boxing, and they went to get donuts. I’m glad they can share special one-on-one time together!

After my workout, we stopped by and saw this broken down trolley parked nearby (for who knows why?) but Remi was thrilled to see a trolley! Daniel Tiger rides around on Trolley, and so Remi thinks this is pretty cool.


We ran into Old Navy for seasonal clearance, and then we went downtown to a new store called DIYish, which is an art studio. They had a class for littles and Remi LOVED creating her own masterpiece.


Our friends Tara and Amelia came, and the girls had fun dancing around for a few minutes.


When she finished, Mrs. Rachel, the shop owner and our friend, painted an R on it for her!


She loved getting to dry it off with the hair dryer.


She was pretty proud of her painting (and since then, she’s said she’s sad about it because she “painted instead of dobbed” which she did, but I think it’s still beautiful. We are talking about things not being perfect at home).


One of daddy’s friends from high school (and her husband is an officer with Ty) had their little girl there, too. So fun to paint with friends!


We ran some errands after, to the “little tiny grocery store” downtown that sells produce, the seafood shop, and then home to nap.  We had some fun after nap, which will warrant it’s own post, and then I made a seafood feast for our family.

Our moms came over for a great dinner. I made dijon salmon, crawish gratin and shrimp and roasted veggies. So good!


After dinner, Remi insisted that we host a birthday party for her stuffed animals. I love how creative she is!


Sunday, we did church and nap and then we went over to our friend’s, the Hoppers, for the Super Bowl.  We were going to have a Super Bowl party with more people, but plans fell through (flu season and life busyness) but we decided to get together anyway and let the girls play. They had a BLAST together. We let them play outside, and then they played with ALL of Grace’s toys and shows, but the balloons were the hit of the evening!


It’s so great to have friends who you can hang with while your kids play!


What a SUPER weekend!

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