SUYL: Breakfast/Brunch Recipes

I wanted to share this before I head out for the weekend.

I love to make baby quiches for breakfasts and brunch. These are so great! You can make them ahead of time and then reheat in the oven when you want to serve…or they are great fresh out of the hot box!

Here is what I do for my mini quiches. The “crust” is the simple, sneaky part.

I take bread (I personally use 40 calorie wheat bread….but whatever your choice is) and remove the crust. Spray a mini muffin pan. Spray the bread with butter spray (or spread with butter…we are watching calories). Cut the bread into a small square to fit into a mini muffin tin. Toast the bread “crusts” until starting to brown.

While you toast the bread, mix eggs (I have found 1 egg for every 3-5 mini muffin cups depending on how many other ingredients you use. ) I use maybe 5-6 eggs, some shredded cheddar cheese, defrosted and drained spinach, some salsa, and green onion for mine. Any ingredients you like in an omelete would be good…like ham, bacon, onions, mushrooms…the sky is the limit!

Then once the bread is toasty, I add the egg mixture to the cups and bake until done, approximately 8-10 minutes in my oven at 350. Yummy little bites!

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