SUYL: Marriage Advice

Kelly is having a link up today where we can share marriage advice.

Honestly, I’m more excited about reading all the entries than sharing.

We have only been married about a year and half, so I’m no expert in marriage advice.
(insert obligatory wedding photo here since I mentioned we are newlyweds)

While we do have a great marriage and a great relationship (with a few bumps in the road here and there, who doesn’t have those?), I just don’t always feel super intentional about our relationship, so I’m not sure I have great seeds of wisdom.

I heard all kinds of wedding advice at bridals showers and during our engagement. Everything from: *pick your battles* *never go to bed angry* *have dinner ready every night* *kiss as much as you can* and my favorite *sex can make an angry husband forget what he was mad about* (ha! from a little old lady at my church!)

But the BEST piece of marriage advice I ever heard was from a fairly young pastor at a wedding last month. Two friends of ours were getting married, and the officiating minister was a friend of theirs who was just a couple years older (and basically a newlywed himself!). He told the couple this:

Every day, try to out-serve one another.

I loved that. Marriage is just that: serving your spouse and meeting their needs because you love them. I love the idea of making service a sort of “contest” to see who can out-serve the other! It sure would make for a lot fewer fights over selfish choices and more “thank yous” and gracious hearts. I’m trying to live that out in my marriage.


  1. awww i love that picture of you and tyler. yall are so sweet and happy! i can tell!

  2. That sounds like excellent advice. The more I have learned to serve my husband, the happier I am!

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