Sweet Moments

Sweet Moments

Just recapping some sweet moments we’ve been having lately.

Remi LOVES this Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit book set that was mine as a little girl.  I remember reading through each of these tiny books, and I love how much she already loves them.  I have to tell her to be a little gentle with momma’s special books because they are a little fragile due to their age.


She wore her Cat in the Hat shirt for Dr. Seuss week, and she was SO EXCITED to show it off to her teachers and friends. It was so sweet!


If you know us, it will come as no surprise that we have regular evening dance parties.  She’s been wanting to use her “stool step” (step stool) for a stage.  And recently, she added the flashlight to the mix.  This particular night, she made me and Daddy take turns on the stage with the big light.


She’s getting a little pickier about her clothing- protesting some items sometimes.  This particular day, she didn’t want to wear this pant/skirt combo…until I called her Princess Unicorn. Then she was ALL about that twirly skirt!


She’s so much fun!  I thought 18mish was my favorite spot, but I’m loving where we are now.

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