Tacos 4 Life

Tacos 4 Life

Some friends of ours from college started a restaurant in Central Arkansas called Tacos 4 Life. We ate at it when passing through and not only is the food WONDERFUL, but the mission is too. Every taco includes a donation to provide one meal through Feed My Starving Children.

I just love that.

And I also love that one just opened up in our town!  They have been expanding, and it was our turn to have our very own T4L!

Remi was a BIG fan of the punch!  They used to call it mustache punch, but now it’s called paradise punch.  Either way, it’s yummy!

Remi girl was a big fan of the tacos. First she started shoveling the filling in (also, I LOVE the decor reminding you just who you’re helping.)

But then she perfected the taco hold and ate the whole thing. That’s my girl!

If you’re around a Tacos 4 Life, go get a meal. The food is delicious and the mission is even better!

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