Take Your Dog on the American Journey!

Take Your Dog on the American Journey!

At the end of June, Chewy.com sent us over a fun package full of new products from their exclusive American Journey line. These are American made (important for anything you feed your dog!), natural, and fun treats and toys for your pup.

And while we were given them to try, I can promise you that if my dogs could talk, they would say these opinions were not influenced by that. 🙂

Just look how happy they were to dig in!

Mikey got a bully stick, which was made of only 100% beef. No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. He wouldn’t take his paw off of it for fear someone would take it.  He was a fan!

And Pippin tore into the Turkey Jerky, which is just turkey. Nothing added. 

Look at the wide array of items in the American Journey line- jerky chews, big chews (like a beef scapula or pork knuckles).  While this stuff sounds “gross” since it’s actual pork knuckles….it’s the best thing for your dog. It’s natural and what they would eat in the wild.

Most of these treats were a bit big for my little pups, so we shared them with co-workers dogs. One note from a friend, these are natural treats, and can smell like the animal they came from. 🙂 He said his hooves were going to be reserved for outside chewing since they smelled like a cow. ha!


We also loved the American Journey bandanna they sent! Isn’t Pippy handsome?!

And Mikey too! I kept calling him a boy scout. 🙂

Our special treats to try for the month of July were Sojos Good Dog treats.  They are the perfect training treat size, but they are crunchy, where most little treats are soft. My boys LOVE them.  We had previously gotten some blueberry pomegranate treats that they ate up, so I knew they would be all over the blueberry cobbler treats.

And the ingredients list makes me happy to give them these treats.  Oat flour, rolled oats, blueberries, canola oil, vanilla, eggs, and honey. Nothing crazy.  No wheat or corn. Nothing artificial.


Did they like them?  Oh yes.  Mikey kept coming back for more.

And Pippin gave it two paws up by standing to take his treat!  


Check out Chewy.com for treats, food, and toys for your dog or cat. I love that they offer a wide variety of products at great prices- and I LOVE the food auto-delivery service. We signed up to get 2 bags of our favorite food every 10 weeks, so I don’t have to think about buying it….it just shows up at my door. And there’s a discount for auto delivery. Perfect!

Have you ever given your dog a treat that’s NOT meat flavored?  I’m finding my boys have a distinguishes palette. 🙂


  1. I love your Chewy posts, haha. I haven’t ever fed Lily something that’s not at least partially meat-flavored (although I have only had her since April, so I’m sure that will change). I wonder if she would like those blueberry treats?

    • I wasn’t so sure my dogs would like the fruity stuff….but they sure do! And knowing they eat blueberry treats, now I give them a blueberry or two when I’m eating them….they love them!

  2. Wish we got a package like that. We have added American Journery to our food rotation. They especially love the Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe.

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