Taking Shape

We finally got to go see the house. We are so busy (and with driving back and forth daily) we just didn’t have free time during daylight to go took at the progress. The guys have had 17 work days out there, even though we started at the end of January. Dad brings up a couple workers and they stay for a few days to a week, then go home for the weekend. So our actual time is longer than our work time. So in 17 days….they dug the foundation, put in the blocks for the base, poured the concrete for the floor, and framed the outside walls.
This is the whole house from the front entrance.
I didn’t take pictures of every room, as there are no inside walls to show the rooms. But here is Mikey in the second bedroom. There will be 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a kitchen that adjoins the living room, a dining room, and a large mudroom/workout room. Mikey LOVED running all around the house.
This is our 2 car garage.
I am amazed at what they have done in 17 days. And once again, I feel so blessed and excited about this house. It will be done before we know it!


  1. fun times! i LOVED watching ours go up!!! before they poured our foundation I wrote a prayer down and stuck it in the corner cement block and they poured concrete over it. I love knowing that it’s there. Also I chose some scriptures for all of the rooms in the house and wrote them on the wood of each doorway before they hung sheetrock. Even for the pantry’s and laundry room and bonus room and even the garage. EVERY room! I love that the men working on the house got to see those and i love that they are still there. =)you should do it if you get the chance!

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