A taste of the beach…

Well today, I got up and went and worked out at the resort gym. Let me tell you, most of the people who elect to work out while on vacation are hardcore. These people were sweating like crazy running super fast on the treadmill, grunting lifting heavy weights, and just working out vey hard. I felt out of place doing my little Couch 2 5k run. Then I grabbed some breakfast, got ready, and went to some sessions. I heard interesting sessions on women in history and culture (talking about nuns, women Hindu priests, the tradition of the Kimono) and gender, race, and disability on “Glee.” It was fun to discuss Glee in an academic mindset.
Then I had a little headache, so I grabbed a little lunch, and went back to the room to take some Tylenol. Well, as I was opening my fruit tray for lunch, I glanced outside and realized it was a shame to eat inside when the beach was just outside. So I threw on a sundress and strolled to the beach to eat my lunch. Jealous?
I got this picture of part of the resort. This is just one of probably 5 or 6 buildings. But the property is beautiful.
This was my lunch…cheese and fruit. Sorry for the almost crotch shot.
After that, I got a little work done and went to the conference banquet awards presentation.On the way to the dinner, I stopped for a few minutes to enjoy the sunset. It was beautiful tonight.
I also thought this view of the pool in the sunset. I liked the way the trees were reflecting in the water.

Now I’m just working and chilling. Gonna spend tomorrow outside getting a tan!

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