#tbt: Centri-Kid Camps!

#tbt: Centri-Kid Camps!

For two summers (the summer of 06 and 07) I worked at Centri-Kid Camps.  Centri-Kid is a Lifeway children’s camp.  They have several teams go out all over the country.  Your team will put on camps, then pack up, drive to a new location, unpack, and do another camp in a different place.  Its so fun (but a lot of work).
Some of my friends still work camp, and they are starting up soon. So I’m feeling nostalgic. Let’s go back in time, shall we?
My first summer I was a Bible study leader.  I basically was given a group of 20-30 kids and taught them about Jesus, played games with them, taught them fun stuff, and acted like an idiot.  With CK, we don’t stay the night with the kids; we have our own dorm area.  We do eat meals with them though.  From like 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. you are “on.”  The rest of the time, you are hanging with your team.  Some great people.
My second summer I was the financial director.  I had a Bible study, but I was also responsible for the camp store and the financials.  I didn’t enjoy that summer as much.  I’m not really a numbers girl, so it stressed me out to have all that responsibility.  But it was still good.
Here are some camp highlights.
My first summer.  We were fast food themed.  My team were the Apple Pies.  We did camp cheers before the big recreation event at the end of the week.
My second summer.  This is my sweet friend Amanda.  LOVE her.  Wish she didn’t live so far away (she lives in AL).  We don’t get to talk much (dumb busy lives) but when we do, its like nothing has changed.  She saw me through some crazy times (over the phone) and I was honored to have her stand by me as a bridesmaid and then to return the favor for her!


Me with “Fizzie” our camp mascot the first year.
The second year, we were car themed.  We did a camp in Talledega, Alabama.  So, of course, we had to stop by the speedway.  Its just a big asphalt circle.  Woop de do.


Me doing my registration thing the second summer.
We did a camp variety show on the last night and the counselors did some funny skits.  We did a “I Love being a CK Staffer” skit where we acted silly.  I splatted myself with shaving cream like it was a bird pooping on me.  The kids loved it.
Every morning we have a big group session with some worship, a skit, and a quick message for the day before breaking into groups.  I was part of the skit.  Being fast food themed, it was set in a fast food joint.  I was one of the workers.  I got to have a feather duster fight with another counselor, Hunter.
They were some of my most fun memories from two great summers.  Did you ever work at a summer camp?

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