Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Ya’ll, I have spent half of my day crying at my desk on the phone.

Yesterday I had a mini-meltdown because of some insurance stuff. The new chiropractor I had been seeing had been billing me my copay, but for some reason told me that my insurance deductible hadn’t been met and I owed him $260! On top of the $100 copay I had already paid! I freaked out! Its not that we don’t have the money, but I’ve been trying to live by a budget, and hadn’t planned for that (not to mention wouldn’t have let him do x-rays on me and other things to raise my bill!). But that was an easy fix to try and get them to adjust it and do what I needed to. While I did tear up on the way to work because of this news, I was fine.

But today, I had another insurance fiasco. Turns out, I have two insurance plans, one at work and one individual. Well, I didn’t mean to have two. There were a bunch of random circumstances that all came together at once, and I ended up with two policies from the same company. One policy I don’t even have a card or ID number for, so I’ve never used it! But my one at work had been deducted from my check and I hadn’t been keeping super close tabs on my deductions, so I didn’t realize I was double paying.

So today when I find all this out, I call the insurance company. I try to be very nice and polite, but I kept getting transferred and explaining my 5 minute long story to each person. FINALLY they transferred me to the “regional supervisor.” I was hoping she would be able to finally settle it and help me get a refund for the policy I didn’t even know existed. Well, I wish I had never spoken with her. She was SO.RUDE. Like, made me cry rude. Like, when I think of our conversation I start to tear up again. She called me ignorant for not keeping up with where my money was going, called me stupid for not knowing the parameters of a group insurance policy (like they wouldn’t ask for medical records….well lady, this is my first job with benefits, so I’ve never HAD group insurance…how would I know?). Anyway, she was so ugly to me. When I tried to stop her on the ugly train by politely saying, “Excuse me, what you are saying hurts my feelings. I think you are being rude” she got even worse and almost started yelling at me! She was talking over me (Real Housewives style…when one person talks and the other person talks over them to try and gain control). It was terrible.

We got it semi-settled. I am getting back the second payment (when I was double covered) but there were two months I was covered by the group and didn’t know it that I’m not getting back ($170!!). But its ok, at least I’m not out everything. But all I know is that lady sure did try and steal my joy today. The ladies at work were SO sweet when I was upset. They really made me feel better. I’m so glad to be making friends with them, and that I am finally feeling a part of the group at work.

And I’m just super looking forward to Zumba tonight to get all this stress out!


  1. ugh that makes me so angry when people who work in customer service have terrible customer service. like why the heck are you even working here??
    she’ll get hers, dont worry!

    you can definitely work it all out in zumba tonight. heck you might even burn some extra angry calories!!

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