Thankful for People in My Corner

Thankful for People in My Corner

I was talking last night with a friend who is raising teenage daughters.  She was talking about some of the things that pretty every teenager goes through- pushing boundaries, being boy crazy, struggling with confidence, having trouble seeing outside themselves.  I was talking to her as someone who was a little closer to remembering those things in my life and encouraging her to stay the course.  That I know it’s tough to parent and help them be better people…but it’s worth it. It’s hard to be in someone’s corner when they are struggling, but it’s important.

I know for me, between my parents, my pastor, and my friends- they all helped me take those struggles and become a better person by working through them. Having those people be “for” me was priceless.

Sure, learning that the world didn’t owe me anything was a hard lesson to learn, but I’m so thankful to understand that now. I’m thankful to have had people that cared enough about me to walk me through that lesson.

Understanding how to get along with difficult people was an invaluable thing to learn. Having people willing to listen, give advice, and help me get this lesson has helped me time and time again.

Or learning to trust those who love me, even when it’s hard.  I hated that one- but I’m so glad to rest in the comfort of my loved ones and their love for me.

I’m also grateful for heartaches and hard times because you learn how to handle those situations with grace every time you go through them again.

All that to say, I’m so glad to have people who were on my side and investing in me.  And I’m so thankful that my hardheadedness slowly softened to allow their teaching to soak in.

I finally watched DWTS from Monday night, and Nick Carter (yes, from Backstreet Boys) had a great night.  At first, he messed up his first dance and was devastated.  You could see the disappointment in his face.  But he had someone in his corner.  His coach (whom I LOVE) told him “I got you” and gave him a great pep talk and encouragement mid-dance and they made it through.  I’m not sure what she said to him before his second and third dance, but he nailed it. In fact, his last dance was the best and most-confident I’ve ever seen him.

I thought how often my life is like that.  I have a tough time, I stumble, I fall.  But someone is my corner telling me they are holding me up and making sure I make it out of that muck, even better than before.

And it also makes me think of when I can be that person holding someone up. That’s an honor as well.

Whether you’re in a season of needing someone in your corner, or being in someone’s corner – remember that someone is for you and you can make it.

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