Thanksgiving Part 3: Downtime

The Saturday and Sunday of Thanksgiving break were spent chilling.  My cousins came in from Hot Springs, so I spent a little time at Mom’s watching movies with them. Tyler headed to the woods to deer hunt (silly deer are coming out too late at night…he can’t shoot them!).  But we did a few fun things.
Saturday evening, we had a birthday party for my friend Lauren at Cece’s house.  It was a PJ party!  We ate and played dance video games.  Too fun!
Candyce breaking it down!
All the girls in our PJS.  Yes, I’m holding a dog statue.  Don’t ask.
Me and the party host.  Yes, I’m wearing a leopard onesie.  I actually had sandals on too because I didn’t want to ruin my jammies walking from the car inside.
Another fun highlight was teaching dad and Gram to play Connect 4.  Dad usually doesn’t like games because he didn’t grow up playing them and doesn’t “get” them.  But he and Gram are totally perfectly matched playing Connect 4. I bought it on sale on Black Friday at Target…and it was a great purchase!
I also got our house decorated for Christmas!  I love a garbed up tree covered in tinsel, beads and tons of random ornaments. LOVE it.
And now that we’ve recapped Thanksgiving weekend…we can get back to regular blogging. 🙂


  1. haha! LOVE the leopard onsie!

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