Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

We had a great Thanksgiving weekend.  Lots of downtown (read: naps!), lots of good food, and family time.

When I got off work Wednesday, we did most of the side dish cooking at mom’s.  It went pretty quickly (we are pretty efficient in the kitchen!) and then we all ate dinner and watched Pitch Perfect 2 together.

On Thanksgiving, we got up, did the rest of the cooking at mom’s, and then I came home to finish the ham.  I always make Alton Brown’s City Ham and everyone LOVES it.

We had quite the spread.  It wasn’t the same without Gram standing over everything and picking bites as we finished the food…but we had a good time together.


I had some stick-on mustaches, so of course, we had some fun with those.  Gavin is getting so big!  His voice is getting lower and my little Finding Nemo watching buddy is becoming a big kid!

After the meal, we all gathered around to play Bingo.  

We used pennies to mark the spots…which was funny because Dad kept thinking we were betting!

Tyler had to go in to work an overtime job as security at Walmart….but I managed to sneak a picture before he left. 🙂  

I as SO excited that my Uncle Neil got to come.  We finally got a wheelchair van for him- so he was able to come visit for the holiday.

Caitlyn ended up staying with mom for the weekend, so we got to go have a little fun.  On Friday, we all went to Movie Lounge to see Maze Runner Scorch Trails.  I love having a cocktail during the movie! ha!  

Tyler worked overtime at the mall Friday night, so me and the boys did some couch snuggling.

Saturday, we did some shopping and then met up with Tyler after work for bowling!  People have always said Caitlyn is my mini-me! I love it!

On Sunday we put up mom’s Christmas tree and watched a movie.  Ours is going up this week!


I hope you had a great weekend.  What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dish?  This year mine was the mac and cheese!

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