Thanksgiving with Grandpa

Thanksgiving with Grandpa

We started our Thanksgiving celebrations early with dinner at my dad’s nursing home.

It’s not ideal, and I wish we were all together and there was no such thing as Alzheimer’s, but I’m thankful they put on a nice family night and that dad was having a good day.

I had to get some Remi pics before we left. I love this little turkey outfit!

She was very interested in Grandpa’s cool chair. Dad loved her playing with him. He just smiled.

We had a good dinner. The food was actually really great and dad ate a whole piece of pie for me! He even kissed me on the cheek a couple times when we were leaving. Sweet memories.

Mom and I have talked and there is some sadness because the holidays aren’t what they used to be. We’re missing Gram and Grandpa and dad. We live in different places. It used to be that like 20 of us piled into our home, but this year it’s just like 5 of us. But that’s ok. Love is love and it’s great to share family, no matter who is there.

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