Thanksgiving with Papa

Thanksgiving with Papa

We had our annual Thanksgiving dinner at my dad’s nursing home (if you’re new here, dad is pretty advanced with Alzhiemer’s.  And for what it’s worth, he’s 30 years older than my mom….people get confused when they see them together).

His nursing home does a GREAT job with these family nights. The food is actually good and they do sweet decorations and even give Remi a sweet toy!

Remi was looking SO BIG wearing last year’s Thanksgiving outfit.

She loves to see Papa and just runs around the nursing home. She goes on parade, waving at all the people. It’s so fun.

Dad started out pretty sleepy but ended up eating well and laughing at Remi while she sat with him and danced and giggled.

Papa got LOTS of hugs from this sweet girl.

And for comparison sake, here is our little turkey last year and this year. SO big!

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