That’s What You Get For Waking Up in Vegas

So a couple weeks ago, 6 people from my (8 person) team at work headed to Vegas for PubCon. PubCon is a big digital marketing/search engine optimization conference…and that is precisely what our team does…so we went to learn.
But we had a little fun along the way!  We were in sessions every day from like 9-5, but we explored and ate wonderful food at night!  My coworker Shane took some awesome pictures and shared them with me…so here is my Vegas recap! (Warning: photo overload because I’m trying to fit it all in one post! ha!)
When we got to Vegas, we ate dinner at Stripburger (so named because its on the strip…there were no strippers!).  I got this AWESOME Mexican burger.
Then we did some walking around…but mostly crashed early.
After the second night, we explored a bit more. We walked by the Venetian with the gondola rides…
And we saw a wedding happening on a gondola!
 Inside the Palazzo mall inside there were beautiful fall leaves falling from the ceiling!
We caught a beautiful sunset!
We saw Paris…
And more pretty sunset!
This is Becky, me, and Christina.  We were headed up to eat.
Any guesses where we ate?  Do you know this horse?  
(It is PF Chang’s!)
Then it was dark out, so we got to see the lights of Vegas!

We walked the entire length of the strip…all the way down to MGM.
We stopped and watched the fountains at the Bellagio!
I was so excited.  My director Chad was not. 
The next night us girls saw Cirque Du Soleil Mystere and then ate at Senor Frogs!  They made us balloon hats at dinner! ha!
That night, I went with the boys down to Harrah’s and we plaid “Let it Ride” card game where I lost $40 pretty quickly.  At least it was fun!
Another night we ventured over to Freemont, the “old Vegas.”  It was really neat.
That’s our photographer Shane with other other guys- Landon and Chad. They aren’t that wide in person. 🙂
We ate dinner at this old casino/hotel at their brewery.
Then we caught the show!  The ceiling is a big screen and they played a video at dark.

The next night we headed across the street to the Palazzo for dinner and shopping.
We had dinner at Sushi Samba.  OMG it was delish.  This was sushi for 6 (plus the apps and extra rolls we ordered!)
That evening we caught the Sirens of TI show at our hotel, Treasure Island.
Treasure Island (where we stayed) at night.
The guys liked the show better than us girls.  Wonder why?
We got some great views of the Grand Canyon on the flight home!
So Vegas was awesome!  I got to learn sooo much for work, had a blast with my coworkers, and most of it was paid for by work.  I am so thankful for opportunities like that.


  1. So glad you had a blast! Love your zebra shirt! I heart Vegas… I wanna be a blackjack dealer when I grow up!

    P.S. I would totally wrestle you for a bite of that Mexican burger! Ha!

  2. SO fun! Love the pics! And I’d love that entire plate of sushi! Glad you had a blast!

  3. I’m stopping by from Kelly’s Korner Show Us Your Life. I’m having such a great time looking at everyone’s vacation photos. It’s also giving my husband and I some new ideas for places we might want to visit.
    We actually live in Vegas so it’s always a treat to see that people have such a great time here.
    Locals don’t really go on the Strip because of the prices and crowds. Besides, we have our own casinos in the neighborhoods. But nothing is like the Strip!

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