The Big Apple: Day 2

The Big Apple: Day 2

We were up early to grab breakfast before our tour.  We went to Europa (our fave for quick NYC breakfasts).

Then we went to Times Square to meet up with our tour guide for a Disney behind the scenes tour. To be REALLY honest, this was a theater lovers tour.  If you were only interested in the Disney musicals, I’m not sure you would have loved it as much.  But we were ALL in.

We learned about New York history, theater history, history of different theaters and shows, and then the Disney shows. (our tour guide Robert is in the plaid there. VERY talented guy!)

After walking through the theater district, we got to go inside and all through the New Amsterdam theater, which is the current home of Aladdin.

Then we got to try on some Disney costume pieces.

Mom as Ursula from The Little Mermaid.


Me as Sebastian!


Hats from Aida


Lion King masks


Newsie hats and papes (side note: the papes were VERY light compared to a stack of papers, but heavy considering they were tossed up and down a three story set piece). 


Mary Poppins costumes! 

We grabbed lunch at Shake Shack, did some shopping and then saw Carousel!  We somehow didn’t take any pictures there.

The show is a bit of a downer (it’s about an abusive loser husband), but it’s a beautiful ballet with a lovely score.  The stars of it were FANTASTIC. I even knew a guy in it!  A friend from college was in the show- and it was so neat to see him perform!

After the show, we did some more shopping and headed to dinner at Nizza (the food will come later, I promise).

Then we went back to the hotel to drop bags, change clothes and head to see Dear Evan Hansen.

I was SO excited before the show. I love the soundtrack.  The cast was AMAZING.  Most are original, except for Evan, Connor and Alana (oh, and the dad was the standby).  They were SO passionate. In fact, Rachel Bey Jones (Evan’s mom) and Taylor Trensch (Evan) both actually cried while performing.

Their performances were so authentic and moving.  I ugly cried during the end of the second half.  But it was worth it. This show made it into my Top 10 for sure.

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