The Big Apple: Day 3

The Big Apple: Day 3

Another early morning! We walked to have bagels for breakfast. It was so good! There’s nothing like a real New York bagel.

On the way to breakfast, we saw them setting up the red carpet for the Tony Awards.  Spoiler Alert: we attended the Tony Awards!  They get their own post next week.

After breakfast, we took a subway to Harlem for a walking tour.  We met our guide Carolyn at the Apollo.  She was a local and gave us great info on the beautiful neighborhoods.

Harlem has a ton of historical districts, which are protected and preserved, so the architecture is lovely.

Part of the tour was visiting a Harlem gospel church and it was SO GOOD.  We loved the worship and the passion.  They were very welcoming. The music was transformative- such great worship.  After church, we walked through another neighborhood and then got brunch. YUM.

After the tour, we booked it down to the theater district to see Mean Girls!  The show is hilarious and we loved it.

We also loved their yummy specialty cocktails. ha!


It was raining a bit after the show, so we took a pedicab ride back to the hotel. (Side note: A VERY EXPENSIVE PEDI CAB RIDE. Always ask the rates first! Also, we almost died. He drove crazy).

Then we grabbed some Chipotle because the pizza place across the street was closed on Sundays (so sad!), and got ready for the Tony Awards!

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