The blessing of a church nursery

The blessing of a church nursery

Our church is on the bigger side- we have multiple services and several buildings on our campus. So I know this isn’t a luxury that every smaller congregation has…..but I’m so thankful for our church nursery.

While the kids are under 2, they mostly just provide a safe, loving, fun place to play while parents worship. There is usually worship music playing, but there really isn’t a “lesson” until they get into the 2 year old area.

But even though it’s just for fun now, Remi is learning to LOVE church. She goes on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights, and she loves the people and the place.

I’m so grateful for the volunteers and the nursery staff (we have some paid workers, too) who love on our kids and establish church as a safe, fun, happy place so that once they can understand about Jesus and his love, they are ready to learn.

The nursery director took this sweet picture of Remi on Wednesday night. She’s having so much fun! And we are so grateful that we can learn and worship while she’s well taken care of.

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