The Cookbook Challenge

The Cookbook Challenge

In the age of Pinterest, I realize more and more that I don’t open up my cookbooks as often as I would like.

It’s just so easy to scroll through Pinterest or save a recipe from a blog (and that’s great!) but I have a TON of awesome cookbooks at home- some of which I’ve never cooked out of! So here’s my newest blog venture: cooking once a week out of a cookbook. It doesn’t mean it will be fancy or amazing, but it will be fun to try new things.

I have a pretty well stocked pantry and freezer, so cooking out of cookbooks shouldn’t be too difficult or expensive because I will have many of the staples already.


Some of the cookbooks I have at home that I’ll be cooking out of include:

Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill

Pioneer Woman Cooks

Slow Cooker Double Dinners for Two

Southern Living Christmas Cookbook

Miss Kay’s Duck Commander Kitchen

100 Days of Real Food

and many many more.


I hope you’ll follow along as I cook through some of these recipes in the coming weeks!



  1. I love this idea. I have a bunch too. And I want to start making more recipes from my pinterest boards. I’m excited to see what you make.

  2. Looks nice 🙂
    Maria V.

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