The Day Blogger Ate My Blog.

Blogger ate my blog.  It just disappeared.

Yesterday, I posted a link to my blog on Facebook for a friend to click over to it…and a few minutes later, I see this screen of death:

See that?  “You are not the author on any blogs?”  Um…what?

I reached out to Google on their forum (as well as their twitter, Google+, and the Google+ account of a helpful guy on the forum….I like to go overboard), as I think my site was incorrectly flagged as spam or something. I don’t even like spam, and I wouldn’t know how to run a spam blog anyways.

Not sure what flagged my blog.  I’m worried it will happen again.  I think this weekend I might look into a wordpress site hosted on my own domain.  I hate to pay for blogging, but it makes me SO nervous to lose it.  I did learn you can back your blog up.  I will be doing that this weekend as well, and I encourage you too as well.

Anyone have experience with hosting your own site? WordPress? Anything?

Anywho, I’m back.  I was missing in the internet abyss, but praise be, I’m back now! 🙂

I was so lost without you.


  1. Glad your back!

  2. So happy! Your blog was lost and now it’s FOUND!

    I’d love to find out how to back up my blog! Scared to death to think this could happen to me or to you again!

  3. Glad that you figured things out and you are back up & running! I thought you had already gone to NYC!

    I think you should do a post about backing up our blogs! I would probably have a panic attack if something happened to my blog. I have got to start putting into book form … just in case.

  4. I saw your tweets about this. I haven’t ever had any problems like this, but it kind of freaks me out. How do you back up your blog?

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