The Day I Became a Triathlete!

I wanted to give a detailed recap of my experience with the Tri for Roses women’s indoor sprint triathlon.  Like I said yesterday, this was a special race for me.  It was something  that I NEVER thought I would be able to do…much less WANT to do! ha!
When the race happened last year, I sort of ignored it. I hadn’t even done my first 5k yet, so a tri seemed ridiculous. But, when the signs when up this year, I thought “Why not?”  I’m not at my goal weight (and heck…I’ve said before, I’m even up from this time last year!) but I’ve made strides in my fitness and learned it’s not all about the scale.  It’s about pushing yourself and challenging yourself.  So I signed up!
I asked the race coordinator, my friend Tracey, a bazillion questions beforehand…but she was nice enough to answer them all.
I felt as ready as I could be when Saturday rolled around.
I got there early to watch a couple waves…so that was helpful.
The only mistake I made was to eat some energy chews before the race.  They made my heart race during the swim….which was scary.  But other than that, it went well.
I was in the final heat and we started at 9:15.  I got in the pool and warmed up well.  But when the race started, I couldn’t calm myself.  My heart was RACING and I had to take a couple breaks swimming on my back to catch my breathe.  But I finished the 300 meter swim in 6:31.  
I’m second from the left in the orange/blue top.  I swam in my compression capris and a good supportive sports bra.  Then I only had to put on a shirt for the rest of the race.
Then I had my transition, where I ran from the pool to the gym floor, got dry, dressed, and on the bike.  My transition was 2:18.  Then I did 8 miles on the spin bike.
I felt pretty good spinning.  My music was rocking and I was on pace for my 20 minutes (2:30/mile) ride.  I had some trouble in training with tailbone pain…but I was feeling ok on race day because I had taken it easy on the bike the weeks before.
I finished the bike like 2nd or 3rd in my heat in 19:40.  I was actually finished about 10 seconds earlier, but it took a second to get my mileage verified by a volunteer.  Oh well.  During the bike, I was CHUGGING water.  I mean, I had only been going for 15-20 minutes, but I needed a refill.  Thankfully, Tyler was there taking pictures, so he refilled my bottle for me.
The last leg was a 2 mile run.  But…it was on the indoor track….28 laps!  I am a slow runner, so there were some fast ladies who were whooping me.  Around lap 8 or so, I started struggling.  Tyler was there cheering me on and helping me, and later he told me that he was about to coach me to just stop and walk a bit because he could tell I was struggling.  He actually said that he was worried I would have to walk the rest of it.
But something came on my music that pushed me.  I just sprinted the next lap…and that gave me tons of energy…and I finished strong.  My bestie Brandy was there counting laps (for another racer), and she was AMAZINGLY encouraging during the run.  She would pump her arms and dance when I came by…so I made it my goal to always be running past her and Tyler.  When I had to walk, I tried to just do it on the back curve for a few seconds.
When I started my 28th lap, my lap counter told me to finish through the chute….so I ran that last lap strong and came through the finish line! I ran in 22:52 (some fast miles for this 12 min/mile runner!)
Woo hoo!  I’m done!
It was the Tri for Roses because you got a rose at the finish line!
I cooled off, changed clothes, and waited for the awards.
Brandy gave me this BEAUTIFUL bracelet that made me cry.  It said “She believed she could, so she did.”
I absolutely love it.  She’s just such a great friend and encourager.  I’m so glad she was there Saturday
They ended up keeping up with the standings on paper printouts, so I knew before the awards that my time was 51:21, and I was placed in second in my age…so it wasn’t really a surprise when they called my name. ha!
My age group of 20-29 had mostly first timers, but I was proud of my performance!  I got 2nd out of 7 girls in my group…and 13/26 overall (exactly midpack….just like my running! ha!).  I won a medal and some beautiful roses.  And  I’m pretty sure I’ll attempt the co-ed indoor tri in the spring.  It was a fun experience and so rewarding to push myself.
I cannot believe it.  Like I said, I’m not “at goal” or “thin” or the picture of what most people want to look like….but I’m proud of me.  These thick thighs are strong.  They pushed me in the pool.  They helped me bike faster than I ever have.  They carried me two miles after all of that.  And you know what, I’m happy with who I am.  I’m a work in progress, and Saturday, I got a little non-scale victory.  Now, I’m a triathlete. 🙂


  1. Way to go, that is so awesome!

  2. You go girl!!! You are such an inspiration, God bless you!

  3. This is so awesome!! I’ve never heard of an indoor tri, it sounds really fun! I mean, as much fun as exercising and sweating can be. 😉

  4. Way to go!

  5. Found your blog from Runs for Cookies! WOW.. Seriously wow. What an amazing accomplishment! Congratulations!

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