The Funniest Moments and Sayings

The Funniest Moments and Sayings

Remi has been saying some FUNNY things lately. Her sense of humor is really growing. Sometimes she knows she’s being funny, but other times it just happens on accident.

One funny day was when she was giving me her dress up stuff to use. She was adamant that I have her dress, gloves, crown and a cape (which is the little burp cloth on my back!).  She said “Momma so pretty!”

She LOVES her swingset.  Now that it’s been a little warmer, we spend evenings out there. She thinks it’s SO funny to “bomp you” which is when her feet hit you while she’s swinging.  We make this into a fun game where we try to run in front of her while she’s swinging to avoid getting “bomped.”  When she does get to “bomp” us, she laughs sooooo loud.

Now that it’s warmer, she’s working on her balance bike.  She’s still in the walk-with-it stage, but she LOVES when we “ride bikes” together.  We have to have our helmets on, too.

But now that our yard is covered in weeds flowers, she frequently has to stop and pick the flowers. “So pretty!  Save them!” she will say as she hands us the flowers.

She gasped at our neighbor’s storm shelter fan. “Look at it spinning! So pretty! I cheese.”  So she sat there and smiled.  Silly goose.


She was playing teacher (by telling me her name was her teacher’s name). She put a bib on me, made me sit down, helped me “eat” (her dried beans from her sensory tub) and then said “You look tired.  Go lay down on your cot.” ha!

I know I keep saying it, but she’s just so much fun now. I’m loving being her momma!

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