The Joys of Getting Back into Routine

The Joys of Getting Back into Routine

As soon as we got home, Remi was SO EXCITED to start playing with her toys.  It seems like the first weekend back, she got into literally everything she owned.

The funniest part, though, was how she replicated stuff from the cruise in her toys.  This was her and daddy at dinner.  She brought him food from the boat, like strawberry soup and Jello.


We recently went to a basketball game at daddy’s school and she was SO SERIOUS the entire time.  She was totally enthralled, I think.


We’ve been doing some fun “bath painting.”  I’ve mixed bath soap with food coloring (which hasn’t stained her, the tub or my towels). She LOVES it and it’s a fun way to “play” that’s contained (and I get to sit and watch and engage her)

She was SO EXCITED when the dogs came into her tent. To be honest, I think Mikey initially went in there to hide, but he’s getting (somewhat) more tolerant of her, so he let her hug him.


There was a Sunday when Tyler had to work an overtime job, and she and I got ready together.  I took this funny picture- we were singing together after getting ready.


Then after church and nap she CRASHED wanting to watch Daniel Tiger- her new favorite.


And this funny girl was LOVING her Cat in the Hat sweatshirt- especially after meeting him on the cruise!


We’re back to a more normal routine after vacation. It took a week of crazy for her to return to normal (she wasn’t falling asleep easily- she was a bit crankier than normal)….so we are glad to all be back.

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