The Killdeer Nest

Our driveway has become a habitat for some cute little birds called killdeer.  They are pretty little birds, but they are odd.
They nest in the gravel, so our driveway is home to a nest.  We have set up a chair next to the nest so we don’t run it over. 
It started out when we saw them getting territorial when we were in the driveway, so we figured they had nested nearby.  We saw this one little egg in the gravel.

Then there were two eggs…

Then three…

And finally four!

They are now sitting on the eggs, incubating them.  I have read that they may incubate for 21-28 days, so we are in for a month of them in our driveway.
The best part is that when you go near their nest, they try and draw you away by pretending to be injured.  They are good actors.  Here is a video from Youtube showing how they act.  We see this on a daily basis.
The most amazing thing was last night.  It was storming with heavy winds and rain (and a tornado warning).  Once the worst was past us, Tyler went outside to check the nest…and Mama Killdeer was sitting there in the wind and rain!  It was crazy that she just sat there through the whole thing!

She will incubate the eggs for a few weeks, and then babies will hatch! I can’t wait to see the little babies!


  1. I enjoyed reading (& learning!) about your little gravel guests! Interesting. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for reading, Lori! They are peculiar little birds, for sure!

    • My place of employment has a killdeer nesting on the small landscape rocks, just 1 egg. I’m so nervous for her as we might get a bad storm tomorrow. I was wondering if l should maybe put up a shelter but l see l should just leave her alone.

      • I learned to leave them alone. We have a pair of Kildeers that laid 4 eggs. It has been really hot here in northern SC. We set up shade and they did not like it so we took it down. Yesterday and today two eggs hatched and we have babies. The mother and father take turns sitting on the nest protecting the babies and the eggs. It has been fun to watch them and also worrisome 🙂

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