The Loveseat

A while back, I posted that we were shopping for furniture. Specifically, a leather console love seat.  It was a compromise.  I like the micro suede/fabric look….but Tyler wanted leather.  He also wanted a console love seat.  You know what? I pretty much hated them until we found this one.  It didn’t look huge and like theater seating.
So we bought it. (iPhone photos ahead.  I’m too lazy to dig out my camera).

Now my only issue is that we have three different fabrics/pieces of furniture in our living room.  A brown fabric recliner, a tan micro suede couch, and now the brown leather love seat.  I’d rather NOT shell out another $1,200 on the couch…but I’m debating having a matching set. I know LOTS of people have mix and match furniture in their living rooms.  I’m not sure I’m one of those people.   (You can see a corner of the recliner in this picture)
And this is the side.  I may need some new pillows/blankets to tie it all together.  Maybe that would help.  Right now they are black/white and jewel tones.  

Input?  The love seat is here to stay…..but do I love it with everything else?


  1. I personally love the mix and match that you have going on, but I know that I probably couldn’t handle it in my house. Our loveseat and sofa match and I love that! Maybe get some throws/pillows to pull it all together like you said? That would be cheaper than the sofa! 🙂

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