The Magic of Sesame Street Live

The Magic of Sesame Street Live

Way back in June, I bought us tickets to see Sesame Street Live. Remi was into Sesame Street (she still is, I mean, we had a Sesame Street 2nd birthday party), but after seeing them, I’m pretty sure it’s solidly her favorite thing again.

We bought tickets to the show (front row! I had a presale code and was apparently the first person to buy tickets and had the pick of the venue) and the preshow, which was worth EVERY PENNY.

At the preshow, we got to wait in line and go on stage and meet three characters (Cookie Monster, Abby and Elmo).  Initially, I panicked because they gave us colored stickers and they were like “Group Red, go on stage and meet people! Group blue, go do a scavenger hunt!” and we had blue stickers.  I was like “Um….we bought a meet and greet?” But they just split the group up for crowd control. Blue group got to go second. All was good.

Remi was SO EXCITED. She initially ran to Cookie Monster, then at the last second turned and ran back to me. But once she was safe with Momma, she wanted to hug him. (can you see her open mouth excited face?)

Look at that cheesy grin! They had cast members on stage who held our bags (because you don’t want a purse on in the photos!) and who took pics. They took Mimi’s phone and took like 60 pictures while we met the three characters, which was SO NICE so we could enjoy the moment and not have to stress trying to capture photos.

After Cookie, she met Abby, who she ADORES. She literally ran into Abby’s arms. She got to touch Abby’s magic wand, too.

She was SO PROUD standing next to Abby.


And of course, her Abby doll had to join our group photo. (Also can we talk about the amazing costumes? I couldn’t see the person inside AT ALL. Very magical. I have no idea how they saw outside the costume.  The eyes didn’t seem mesh or anything)

She gave Abby a parting high five. We weren’t rushed through the experience at all.

Next up was Elmo! She basically ran from Abby to Elmo.

She ran up the step and gave him a big hug! (I may have happy teared up watching how excited she was!)

Elmo just picked her up and loved on her. It was just the sweetest.


After the preshow, we went back into the lobby where they had a new character, Maya, interacting with all the kids. We also got a souvenir (a bubble wand-so many bubbles) and then it was showtime!

Remi had LOTS of room to dance during the show. It was really great. The show was quality- great dancers and a lead singer (the premise was a magician doing a show on Sesame Street and teaching Elmo how to do magic and finding magic everywhere). She was in awe everytime a new character came out (on top of the ones we already met, we saw Big Bird, Grover, Rosita, Gonger, the Count and Mr. Noodle)



It was a FANTASTIC experience, and totally worth the long day (since it was a workday, we had a day then drove to Tulsa, saw the show and drove home).

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