The Most Family Fun

The Most Family Fun

We had a TON of family fun over the weekend.

Remi overheard me telling Tyler about our Christmas in July at work, and how we decorated Christmas cookies….and then she asked to decorate cookies.  Thankfully, we were giving away the extra frosting at work, so I snagged a few. And we decorated graham crackers, which MADE HER DAY.  She was so excited.


On Saturday, we headed to Tulsa for the Taste of Summer ice cream festival!  For $5, you got all you could eat Blue Bell! YES PLEASE.

When you walked in, you were first met by the novelties (popsicles, ice creams on a stick, etc.) so we did that first. Then we all played and visited the booths. It was HOT but we were having fun.


Gavin is in town spending the week with my mom, and Caitlyn and her friend Kalleigh were here for a concert with us, so it was a big fun time.


They had a fun little sand pit game, and Remi DID NOT care about the game….she just wanted to play in the sand. Thankfully, the people running the game let her sit in the corner and dig.


We also lucked into a short wait for face painting.  A blue butterfly on one side…


And a red sparkly flower on the other!


We went through the ice cream lines and got plenty!  It was SO efficient. There were different lines for groupings of 4 flavors, so you only waited a short time while they scooped them.  We all tried several flavors (thankfully the scoops were pretty mini so you didn’t feel too bad about sampling several).

Then while we were walking around, we saw this guy from Charlie’s Chicken. Well, my quick mom wit told Remi it was Chickaleta from Paw Patrol, and she was so excited. 🙂 It’s not a lie….it’s just mom magic.

Remi played on the playground while we finished our ice creams, and then we got pretty hot and decided to find some air conditioning.


When we had our fill of the heat, we hit up Bass Pro.  We met up with Norma and Randy, some of Tyler’s family and had fun walking around.

I found this cute little deer in the hunting section!


After Bass Pro, we had lunch all together, which was nice, too. Norma and Randy are so fun- Remi just loves them!


I’m so thankful we could have a big family fun time together!

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