The Most Fun Little Girl

The Most Fun Little Girl

We’ve had lots of fun moments lately (and also some trying ones….not gonna lie, Remi is working through some defiance issues, but we are trying to focus on the good).

Her daycare is sparsely populated these days (both kids and teachers) but they are still having fun. They had their annual 50’s party, and she loved it! She wore her trusty poodle skirt (that I was smart 2 years ago and made adjustable!). And she learned a fun dance and participated in the “talent show” with her buddy Connor!

She was also having a rough time getting motivated in the mornings, so we pulled out ALL the fun clothes to try and help her get excited about getting up and going. She LOVED this Buzz Lightyear dress and bow! She got it for Christmas, and it was a bit big….but it fits this big girl now!

She and I had a little movie night watching She Loves Me (the musical) on PBS. She liked the music, but she liked her jelly beans more! (Yes, we are still eating Easter candy.)

We are enjoying this slower pace of life and trying to find the good in every day.

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