The Music Lives

The Music Lives

Everything about 2020 has been strange and off. So many things cancelled. And so many things look different.

Hanson Day was cancelled (like most in-person events), so I had just written off concerts with my favorite band. But Hanson found a way.

Oklahoma is more open than many places, but they wanted to keep fans safe, so they created a concert series where you bought a table for 4, spaced around the venue. There were only 45 tables. 45 tickets per show, really.

They did a series of 3 concerts, mostly to stream worldwide to fans. But I got tickets to the first show!

And y’all. It was magical.

There is always something so familiar yet exciting about a Hanson show. This was my 23rd show, so there are things I’ve come to expect and love. But then there’s just the excitement of hearing songs you’ve never heard (or don’t hear often), the fun of the moment.

I’ve said before that I feel most like myself at a Hanson show. And I do. I feel in the moment. I’m not wishing I was anywhere else or thinking of anything else. And goodness, after the year that 2020 was, it was so refreshing to experience that.

They are doing 3 more months of shows, and I’m hoping to get tickets to more of them. But at least I had this night.

Tyler came with for a little night away, and then we asked his cousin Jen (who lives in Tulsa to come), and my friend Audree rounded it out. I met Audree here when her mom heard me talking about Hanson and said “You have to meet my daughter! She’s a fan!”. We had a blast together.

Tyler stood up for the encore, and they played Shook Me All Night Long and turned on the magical disco ball lights. Loved it!

Here’s to more concerts soon!


  1. I don’t know if it is just me…but for months your blog is wacky! Like design wacky. I can only view the first picture. It has stopped me from checking on your sweet family! Fayetteville peep saying hi!
    Anyway I thought you would want to know! đŸ™‚

    • Hi Tess- not sure what’s up with the way the blog is showing for you. It looks fine for me. Maybe try making sure you’ve cleared your cache and cookies? It may have cached in on a day it was being buggy?! Either way, thanks for reading!

  2. and that was supposed to be HASN’T stopped me…

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