The Relaxing Night That Wasn’t

I had planned a relaxing evening last night.

Tyler was at a training (job update soon!)…so I decided to get a massage after work.  I splurged and got a 90 minute massage, plus a 15 minute lower body stretch treatment.  I left feeling AMAZING and so relaxed.

When I was finished with my massage, I saw mom had texted me to call her.  I knew what was up: Gram was in the ER with high blood pressure.  I knew earlier in the day her blood pressure was like 202/112…and I told mom to call their doctor.  Well, the doc said to take her to the ER.  So I drove from the massage place to the ER and sat with them for a while.

They gave Gram a pill, and her BP went down enough to get her out of stroke range….so they ran a quick EKG and sent her home (she has a followup today with their doctor to figure something out).

Then I got home around 8:15ish and was trying to unwind…and Tyler called.  I mentioned he’s out of town…well he had sold his motorcycle and needed me to find the title/key/paperwork which sent me on a 30 minute hunt around our house.  I finally found the title in a stack of paperwork in the office, the key in one of the cars in the driveway (what?), and rounded everything up.

Let’s just say by 9:30, I decided to call it a night.  I woke up feeling refreshed at 4 and got LOTS done this morning before work.

So last night wasn’t the relaxing evening I had planned, but it’s ok. I’m still super thankful for everything in my life, including those stressors.  I’m thankful to have my Gram around…and I’m thankful that the motorcycle sold (hello new dining room chairs and patio furniture!).

I have to remind myself of the blessing in the midst of the frustration. I want to remember the blessing.  I want that feeling to win.  But man, (and I hope I’m not the only one), some days the frustration feel like an ocean pulling me under.

I fell asleep praying last night to live with more grace and more thankfulness.  I pray Jesus changes my heart to be more like His every day.


  1. Way to hang in there! Those stressers are tough. Glad your Gram is doing better!


  2. It’s so hard to feel blessed and thankful in those stressed moments. It’s really great that you were able to bring yourself back to a place of thankfulness. Great way to really look at things!

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