The rest of Christmas break

The rest of Christmas break

I was off work a few extra days for Christmas, which was pure heaven. No alarms (well, other than Remi when she woke up! ha!), no big plans, and lots of fun.

Remi and I got to spend some extra time together.  She wore her ADORABLE outfit, which I wanted to document.  Our sweet friend Suzie MADE this sweet dress and bow.

That afternoon, Remi woke up early into her nap and was pretty upset, which is very unusual on all accounts.  I brought her into our bedroom and laid down with her (which we never do- she is such a great independent sleeper). But she fell asleep and I got to snuggle my girl- which was an AMAZING treat.

I won this ball at an arcade while at my work team building day and she LOVED it.  “Bah! Bah!”  We love to roll it back and forth.

More sled riding.  I captioned this “Pull me, peasant!” on Instagram….and it’s so true.

She was playing and I was sitting in the glider watching.  Pippin jumped into my lap.  A few minutes later, she climbed up on top of Pippin to lay in my lap. Silly girl!

We spent New Year’s Eve eating with our family. I loved her in her jacket and hat! (Side note: Daddy had a wreck New Year’s Eve morning on his way to work.  There was some ice overnight and he slid on a bridge leaving our little town. He ended up flipping his truck on it’s side and hitting a telephone pole…but somehow, thank God, he’s ok.  We spent the day at home letting him rest and recover.)

Before the food came, everybody got some Remi time.

New Year’s Day we went and played with our cousins. Remi LOVES them.

We also went to the mall for Dillard’s Sale because it’s tradition. ha!  We had a great break.


  1. Brittany do you know of a business in Searcy, AR that leases amusement trains?

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