The Sound of Light

So back at Hanson Day, Hanson had us sing along to songs from their new fan club EP.  They told us we were going to be a choir and they taught us some background parts.  There were microphones in the audience (one just feet from us!).  I knew we would be a part of the album…but it came in last week and it’s pretty cool.
Each year, Hanson sends out a 5 song EP to fan club members.  They are all original songs that they release just to their fans.  This year’s is called The Sound of Light.  It’s an extension of the album Anthem that came out earlier this year.
This is the CD.  All Hanson CDs have the logo on them.  This one also features a light glare.
Along with the lyrics….the coolest part is their Thank You to the Choir…
with my name!  That’s right!  I’m officially a part of this album and it’s so special. 
I’m so thankful that my favorite band is so good to their fans.  They listed everyone who was there that weekend.  So special.

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