The Things You Forget

Ok y’all….you know I used to weigh more than I do now.  But some days I forget.
I was looking through old pics trying to find a Throwback Thursday picture for today on IG (Follow me!  Brittneydeanne)…and I saw some things I forgot about.
These were all extremely happy fun times…but when I look back at them, I just think “Life would have been SO much more enjoyable if I didn’t have to worry about fitting into my pants and if I had the energy to do anything.”  I was SO tired when I was more overweight. And there were definitely more closet meltdowns.  And sometimes nowadays, I discount the victories I’ve had in becoming healthier.  
Let’s go down memory lane…
A wedding we went to together in the summer of 2008. That was a plus size dress.  I remember buying it from Target.
Our first Razorback game during my campus visit in the fall of 2008. That shirt was an XL.  Now I’m in a medium.  
And our first cruise in December of 2008.  Holy boobs, Batman!  I remember ordering that dress for formal night.  It was a size 16 from Ann Taylor.  Now I’m a 10/12.  And my boobs stay where they are supposed to! ha!
 Life is so much better on this side.  I wish I could go back and tell 2008 Brittney that it’s hard, but it’s worth it. πŸ™‚


  1. I’m a blog lurker:) Your hard work is amazing.
    Alayna in Little Rock

  2. You have come so far! I forget about how I used to look too. I saw a picture of me the other day and couldn’t really remember being that big. It is nice to be on the other side now!


  3. Always beautiful! You should be nothing but proud of yourself πŸ™‚

  4. Wow, you look great! Way to go!
    I nominated you for a blog award. Come by and check it out!

  5. You look great and it is awesome to see how much you have accomplished!

  6. When I look at those pictures, I just see a happy couple having fun! It’s so nice though how good you look now!

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