The Weekend that Went to the Dogs

The Weekend that Went to the Dogs

For some reason, this weekend seemed to be mostly about the dogs.

We started out Friday with an early dinner at Bricktown with some friends and our moms. Mom and I took a picture with Lennie the leprechaun to try and win a gift card. ha!

After dinner, me, mom, and Tyler saw Allegiant. I found out right before the movie started that this wasn’t the last one…there’s one more in the series! So we wait another year, I suppose.

Saturday I took the pups to the vet for their shots. Poor babies were NOT having it with all the dogs in there barking and whining. They wanted to sit in my lap, so I sat in the floor with one on each leg.

After the shots, we all came home and napped. We earned it. 🙂

I spent the afternoon after my nap cleaning and doing laundry. I felt a little bit of nesting doing crazy cleaning tasks that I normally wouldn’t want to do, including moving all the bedroom furniture and vacuuming behind them.

Tyler worked an overnight shift, so I spent Saturday night at mom’s eating dinner and watching Fuller House. We got like 9 episodes in and are loving it.

The dogs were WIRED when we got back home, playing in bed together before I finally turned off the lights.

Sunday I had to sing at all three services, so I spent the whole day at church. It was great though. Before church was CRAZY though. The dogs went to the neighbors and then our fire alarm was chirping, and they were SO scared. I know the picture is sideways (sorry…but I can’t get it to rotate and I’m not about to spend a ton of time on it). They were hiding in the corner of the kitchen as far away from the chirping as possible. So pitiful.

To make up for all the trauma, they did get some extra special treats. We got these Orijen angus beef treats from Chewy– and they obviously were SO excited for them, they couldn’t stand still. IMG_2496.JPG

After church, I had lunch with Nancy and then napped. #napalldayerrday I did some freelance writing Sunday night and we watched some TV.

A good weekend for sure!

How was your weekend?

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