The Weight Loss Roller Coaster

I have some jumbled thoughts in my head that I need to get out.  So read along if you want.  Sorry I’m not sorry if I ramble.  Come inside my head….
This weight loss thing is a roller coaster. Up, down, up, down, upside down, screeching halt. I just crossed over the screeching halt part.  Last weekend, I was OVER IT.  I was seriously having these thoughts: “You know, I’ve lost 50 pounds.  I’m healthier than I’ve ever been.  My body fat percentage is normal.  I think I’ll just stop losing weight.  It is all for vanity now, anyway.”  
I seriously had those thoughts.  Are you kidding me?
While yes, the “goal” for the scale is a vanity number I’m not sure I can even reach…why would I quit?  Why would I “give up” because it’s hard and a long process?
That’s not who I am.
I want to be the best me I can.  While that involves a lot more than working out and eating right (that also includes spiritually, at work, in my marriage), I also want to be as healthy as I can.  And I know I’m not there yet.
I’m not giving up, but I am burnt out.  I get on this roller coaster and ride it.  I need to quit looking at the ups and downs, and just start hiking.  Just slowly tread forward.  The ups and downs are what get me.  I go on vacation, gain a few pounds…come home, work it of…take a weekend trip, gain a couple pounds…hit it hard for a week or so. You know how it is.
I think my main issue is looking at the big picture.  I have my 26th birthday in a month and I wanted to be at goal by then.  Zumba convention in August and I would love to go healthier and looking good.  But instead of looking far ahead (which also includes giving myself excuses to have the roller coaster “I’m going to enjoy this weekend and get back on it Monday” mentality), I’m going to focus on one day at a time.  I just need enough light for the step I’m on. 
I am also not going to weigh myself until my birthday weekend. I’m just going to give it my best effort and see what I can do. No obsessing.  No beating myself up.  No letting myself go, either.   
Just slow and steady.  Just hiking forward.  I’m getting off this dadgum roller coaster.  It’s making me sick. 


  1. Girl, you inspire me! I totally know what you mean though. Even though I am not cleared for exercising, I am still watching what I eat and I have lost 30lbs since having Lilly, still want to lose at least 30 more…anyways, I try to take it one day at a time and even one meal at a time. Like if I eat poorly at one meal, I remind myself that it’s only one meal and it doesn’t mean the whole day is ruined. I can get back on track at the next meal, you know? It helps to think about it like that for me anyways. One bad meal doesn’t have to equal one bad eating day! 🙂 You can totally do it (and hopefully I can too!)

  2. I think you look incredible! All of your hard work has definitely paid off and I think your plan from here on out is a good one. Weigh loss is definitely a roller coaster and I feel like I’m at that “screeching to a hault” part right now and have been for months. It’s hard to find the drive to keep going when you plateau for a long time so then you just give up. I’m trying to work out more regularly but that’s hard as well. It’s all hard and I think you should know that you are a very big inspiration to me.

  3. I needed this today! Thank yoU!

  4. Keep pushing forward, girl. I have a good friend who’s dealing with the same roller coaster/plateau issue right now and I know how frustrating it is for her. Hang in there! And in case you needed some reassurance – you look GREAT. Keep kicking tail ; )

  5. you look amazing! one day at a time is great advice. keep pressing forward! you’re an inspiration to me as well.

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