These are the Days

These are the Days

Just capturing some memories….

Remi LOVES books, and she’s quick to memorize them. She was reading me The Very Hungry Caterpillar one afternoon.


She was with my mom, and I stopped to work out after work. They met me there to make the pass back to momma, and Remi wanted to jump into my workout. She isn’t allowed on the mat, but we let her play on the side. I am proud to set an example for her! I hope she always wants to be strong like momma!


She was VERY PARTICULAR about her hair this day. Two little buns, one that I had to redo because it wasn’t little enough, and two sparkly bows that she picked out.


She takes dance at school, and I love the pictures and videos they send us. She doesn’t wear a leotard because Miss Independent won’t ask for potty help and has accidents trying to get them off herself…so she gets to wear these cute little tank tops. I sort of love it even more!


Not Remi-releated, but I bought and LOVE Overtone’s Rose Gold for Brown Hair coloring conditioner. It gives my hair this awesome pink hue.


Daddy has worked a ton of Friday nights at games, so we went and took him dinner to see him. Remi LOVES her daddy and she thinks his big school is really neat.


Our imaginative girl set up this sweet tea party with Buzz and her tiny baby doll. So cute.


I took my Wednesday night Bible study ladies to Tulsa to the Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art. We’ve been studying Old Testament Feasts and they have exhibits on them.

We stopped at Jane’s for brunch first and mom got cinnamon rolls the size of her head! Ha!


But it was a beautiful day with these ladies learning more about our God and how He weaves everything together.


And to close this random long post….three different fall outfits from the past.

2018 and 2019.


And two shirts that have lasted us 3 years! 2017, 2018, and 2019!


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