Thesis Drama

Well, I blogged before about going to turn in my thesis Thursday. Those were good intentions. Then the drama came.

I don’t like drama. Never did. Hate it. It stresses me out. But I had some drama (which thankfully, Praise the Lord, is over).

See, along with turning in the big-bad-thesis (all 97 pages of it!) I also had to turn in a few forms.

One form had to be signed by all three of my committee members. (I thought this would be an issue as one prof is on sabbatical this semester..but she came to campus to sign my form Wednesday).

A couple forms only required my signature.

One form was signed by me and my advisor. Got this done Thursday in her office hours.

The last form was signed by me, my advisor (check) and the department chair.

I went in Thursday morning with my form to be signed by the department chair. He’s a great man…and a great department chair. But for some reason, he didn’t come to the office

The thesis deadline was today…and dead day is today…so I freaked out. What if he doesn’t come in today? I would have had to delay my official graduation until August! So I went home last night praying he would come in and give me his John Hancock.

And this morning at 9 a.m., I (thankfully, Praise the Lord) got an email from the administrative assistant that the department chair had come in and signed my paperwork! So I got ready, drove to campus and got the form and my thesis and headed to the graduate school.

As the lady was checking over my thesis, she said “Oh no, you have the wrong library transmittal form. This one is for the school of engineering, not the graduate school.” Heart sank. Almost threw up. What form? Now what?

But (thankfully, Praise the Lord) she printed me the correct form…and it was a form that only required my signature. I could handle that. I had a pen. (Not sure what I would have done if I hadn’t had a pen!)

So I got my thesis turned in. Completing my requirements for my Master’s Degree! Now I only have to return to campus Tuesday to give 2 finals to my speech classes…then graduate! Thankfully, Praise the Lord, the drama is over. All of it. (I know some of you are interested in my thesis…I will post the results of it tomorrow).

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