Things at work….

So at work, some interesting things have been happening. First off, I dropped my Benefiber stick (yes, I’m 23 and I take fiber. I helps me feel full and keeps everything working, if ya know what I mean) in my water bottle. It only gets mixed with 8 ounces, so I couldn’t fill it up more to get the stick out. I used two pens like chopsticks to pull the plastic stick out of my water bottle. It took approximately 9 minutes to get it out of there.

Also, in my office, there is a tinted window. It is nice that it is tinted because on the other side of the window is one of our fish tanks, which gets a lot of lookers from the showroom floor. It would be awkward if everyone that looked at the fish tank could clearly see in my office, therefore making me like the fish in the tank. But, the tint is applied uneven or something and it distorts the reflection. When I look sideways at the window, this is how I look:

It is good for the self-esteem to get this picture of yourself several times a day.

I also got a Blackberry for my work phone. Not sure how many calls I’ll be getting on it, but it will be nice to have a smart phone. I can check my email, social media, and many more things…on their bill. And I can be available 24/7 from their phone…which is an ok trade off. I don’t think many emergencies happen in the middle of the night for Digital Marketing Managers, so I think I’ll be ok. 🙂

That’s all from the work front…

Yay for work.


  1. Today is dragging here at my office, I am so ready for Friday!

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