Things from My Childhood

So I’m gearing up to head to my parents home this weekend to clean out my bedroom.
They are moving, and there are plenty of things that we don’t need/want anymore.
I’m trying to prepare myself to relive my entire childhood as I make decisions to keep/sell/donate/trash things.  It won’t be easy.
But all this has me thinking of things from my childhood that I have to sort through.
Things I think I might find while cleaning out my room….
Maybe my beloved Tamagotchi.  Poor thing hasn’t been fed in years…
The ever-creepy Furby!  I think this is in the cabinet above my TV.  I bet the minute I pick it up it will wake up and creepy-talk to me.
ALL my plastic-case VHS movies.  This one in particular is a favorite.  I used to request “butter and syrup” on my waffles, just like in this movie.
If I’m lucky I will find my dadgum Hanson 2.1 Membership DVD.  It was from 2004, the one year I was in the fan club (until now).
And I hope to goodness I have some of these.  I know I used to.  Maybe they are hidden in the playroom…
 What random items would you find if you cleaned out your childhood room?
I’m sure to have some fun things for you after next weekend’s cleanout.


  1. I bet I would find some trolls, I loved those things! I had several of your things too-the giga pets were so popular!

  2. I have my tamagotchi somewhere. I really want to replace the batteries and play with it again!

  3. My bedroom got cleaned out right before I got married so I have NOTHING haha

  4. Definitely take pictures of your treasures!

  5. You should so check up my link up tomorrow. this post can relate 😀

  6. Oh I loved my Tamagotchi and Nano Pets!! I found a “Hit Clip” which was like the first ipod thingy — it was a chip that played about 30 seconds of one song lol!

  7. I had a giga pet!!! And the furby’s creeped me out… but I know I would find Cabbage Patch dolls and enough Barbie’s that you could prolly choke a horse with!!! Haha! LOVED my Barbie dolls!

    Great post! Can’t wait to hear what you find! PICS PLEASE!!!

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