Thirteen Months

Thirteen Months

I feel like I say this every month, but it’s just getting more and more fun together. She’s getting such a personality (some stubborn sass, to be expected) but we laugh so much.

*side note: no more staged monthly photos. Instead now, just my faves from the last month*

We haven’t been to the doctor lately, but home measurements, she’s around 21 lbs and 30 inches. She’s wearing size 4 diapers and pretty much 12m or 12-18 clothing. She is FINALLY wearing size 2 or 3 shoes easily, and has even outgrown a couple pairs of shoes!

The big highlights this month include:

WALKING! She took her first steps on November 4, just a few days shy of 13 months. We were at Uncle Neil’s in Hot Springs, and she pulled up on his chair and took a few steps. Now she’s walking pretty great- more walking than crawling.

TALKING! Ear tubes have been amazing for her verbally. She started babbling more and more that day and started imitating us the next. She now easily says Puh-puh for puppies, Nana (banana), Moo for cows and Ni-Ni (night night).  She is understanding more too, listening to more commands (sit on your bottom, let’s go sleepies, come here).

PLAYING. She will pretend to sleep now when we lay down and say “Momma tired. She’s going sleepies.”  She will lay down and suck her thumb. It’s the cutest! She will put her play phone (or really, anything that looks like a phone, including my key fob ha!) to her ear and babble. She is also VERY adventurous and climbs on everything. She is very into balls and throwing them/watching us throw them.

MOVING. She can stand from crawling without pulling up, is bear crawling with her booty in the air, she’s starting to point at things she wants.

SLEEPING. She still sleeps like a champ. Time change was a little rough- she adjusted to new bedtime, but is up about 30 minutes earlier than I want her to be currently. She sucks her thumb to sleep and is getting a little callous on her finger from that. She LOVES her lovey.

TEETHING. Bless it, y’all.  She has 7 teeth and her little gums feel so hard and swollen all over.  I feel like she’s gonna break a molar or side tooth any time. Maybe all 4. Who knows.

EATING. Still eating like a champ. In fact, I’m having to order her kids meals when we are out, because eating off my plate means I don’t get enough! ha!  She also isn’t satisfied with a dinky side of mac and cheese any more. Oh well. I don’t mind paying for it if she eats it. Her favorites are quickly becoming bananas, since she will say nana or bana when she sees one. She is eating more and more meals of exactly what we are eating – she has done great with meals.

She had her first weekend without mommy and daddy.  We’ve spent evenings where daddy was working and she didn’t see him, and I’ve been out of town, but we were both out. She was great, of course. She’s so easy. She spent the nights with my mom and spent Saturday with Gigi. And we came home to a happy girl.

She had ear tube surgery and has recovered well. We have a follow-up soon to look in her ears, but they seem to be great. It was amazing how quickly she started moving more adventurously and talking more.

She loves roaming all around the house. She is still obsessed with the dog food bowls (and water bowl) but we are trying hard to learn it’s a “no no.”  She loves playing in our shower, playing outside at the park (slides are her JAM!), and riding her toys. She LOVES music- lots of fun having dance parties together. I love to watch her giggle as we spin around her room to the radio. She loves music, she will go over to her radio and ask that we turn it on. We had a great Halloween- her first time to dress up and go out. She loved it.

Here’s to another month of fun that will include Thanksgiving and lots of family time!

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