This is Potty Training

This is Potty Training

In mid-September, we picked a weekend, I took a Friday off work and we did a three-day potty training boot camp.

Remi has been ready for a while. Months, even.  She’s been so interested, has gone in the potty several times at home and at school…has wanted to go when we are out and about.

She hit all the markers I’ve read for readiness- putting things where they belong, an interest in privacy when doing her business, an interest in pleasing us….and she’s at the right age (while some will say to wait until 3, many potty training experts recommend 18-30 months…she was 23 months).  (Side note: no shame in doing what works best for you and your child.  Me doing this before 2 doesn’t mean we are better than someone who waited.  It’s what worked for us.)

But I wasn’t ready.  I wanted to wait until our busy summer was over. I needed to get MY head in the right space. I had read a couple potty training books and didn’t love their methods.  But then a friend at the gym mentioned Oh Crap! Potty Training. It was EVERYTHING I needed to hear. An easy method- but very straightforward slap in the face that this isn’t really about HER, it’s about ME teaching her. Me believing in her, me making sure we do this. It got me in the head space to do this.

So we did.

And she did AMAZING.  The first day was naked all day, and we worked on getting everything in the potty (like keeping the potty right there and as soon as she started going, putting her on it.)  It’s all about stages of awareness: from clueless to “I peed” to “I’m peeing” to “I have to pee.”  I think she went from clueless really fast. We had one “I peed” accident where we both missed it, and she looked like she realized it wasn’t what we talked about (putting ALL of our pee and poop in the potty).

From there, we had several “I’m peeing” and I saw a lightbulb go off.  If we took her potty (which we did at regular intervals), she would go! She had figured it out.

We played a lot of the day in the kitchen (our one room without carpet) but at some point, needed a change of scenery and she sat in her chair on a puppy pad. After like 10 a.m., she didn’t have any accidents.  We just kept the potty close by and either prompted her to go or she would ask to go (although the book said typically kids can take weeks to tell you they need to go, she got it right away).

The second day was with pants.  She had a couple of accidents in the morning, but again, after like 10 a.m., was GREAT. We pushed liquids so she got plenty of practice.

We even got out of the house on day 2 because she was doing so well.  We took the little potty with us, and she used it in my trunk at Sonic! ha! (She’s shirtless because she got hot).

Sunday morning, I asked her if she wanted to go to church and potty there. She said “yes” so off we went!  She did well there…but the asking to go potty didn’t fully translate, so she had one accident the second hour.  But nothing major. She was doing SO good.

Since then, she’s done so well at school.  Her teachers are very supportive and patient on building the skills we started at home. They take her potty regularly and are very attentive.

She’s had some accidents here and there, but this isn’t an instant skill.  Just like we were patient in her learning to crawl or walk or talk, we are building day by day. I’m so thankful to have found this method that worked so well for us.

In the first week, she did AMAZING. We started on a Friday and by the following Friday, she was accident free (and has had several days in a row without accidents).  We continue to take her potty if we are about to get in the car or sit down to eat or play, but she will ask to go.  There have been some “false alarms” where she asks and DOESN’T go, but those are fewer.  She’s woken up dry from a couple naps and holding quite a bit at night (not fully dry yet, but I expect that to come).  She’s wearing pull-ups at night.

We are sticking with the little potty for a while to allow her to be independent.  There’s been several times when she goes in the bathroom and goes alone without any help or asking. We couldn’t have that if she used a seat on the big potty. She can use the big potty (with a ring on it, she’s too small for the big seat), and has had NO FEAR in using it other places. She’s been to the mall, to grandpa’s nursing home, to the family reunion, to another church for a choir performance…she isn’t phased by location.

Some people talk about potty training like labor pains- long, painful, awful, horror stories.  That wasn’t our story at all.  This is potty training: smiles, three fun (albeit long) days together, learning new skills.  I’m so proud of this girl!

Another note that I don’t know helped but I won’t fully dismiss: we picked a weekend recommended by the Farmer’s Almanac to potty train. YES, they have dates for that. There are thoughts that different moon phases and whatnot are best for learning and adding skills, and others are best for taking it away (they also have dates for weaning!).  We did pick a date from this list.  I don’t know if it would have gone the same on another weekend because we only got one chance at a first try….but it surely didn’t hurt!


  1. Well now I’m basically dead over the Farmer’s Almanac thing. Haaaaaa. Who knew?! Is this why my four-year-old still generally has 7-10 accidents per week?!?! I picked the wrong week two years ago!!! Ask the almanac if there is a good weekend for me to retrain her. Haaa!! But seriously, I’m glad it’s been so successful for yall!! That’s such a good point about using the small potty so that they can be independent. We never had a small potty and the ‘real’ potties really are pretty high, so I wonder if that’s one reason Millie has always been so dependent on us to help her??

    • Girl….who knows about the Almanac, but it sure didn’t hurt, right? ha! Every kid is so different, and there are so many factors at play. The little potty is a lifesaver. We have already taken it with us on some trips where we didn’t know we would have a bathroom accessible. I know it grosses some people out, but it’s working for us. So who knows! ha!

  2. Good job, Remi! I’m so glad it was a relatively low-stress process for y’all. This makes me want to ask my mom how she did it with me. I’m so curious now! I can’t believe the Farmer’s Almanac has recommended potty training dates. How cool!

    • Yeah, my mom didn’t remember how it went, other than it not being a huge deal….but this particular process really worked for us. And on the Almanac, isn’t that crazy? There are dates for everything, I guess!

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