Thoughts on traveling alone

Thoughts on traveling alone

Before the conference starts for the day, I want to reflect. 

So I’m on this trip by myself. It’s my first time to travel like this alone. I have lived alone before for a summer while interning, and then for about 9 months in grad school before I got married. I don’t mind being alone, in fact, I’ve enjoyed being on my own timeframe and doing whatever I wanted without concern for anyone else. Sure, I’d love if Tyler was here to share in the fun, but being alone isn’t cramping my style. 

Yesterday at the conference, I felt like a woman I met earlier was wanting to go get dinner together, but I had a place in mind, and I wanted to walk the two miles to it to stretch my legs. So I didn’t look for her after he conference, because to be honest, I didn’t want to deal with stranger small talk any more. I had done enough of that all day at the conference. 

I’ve felt ok walking around alone here. There’s a ton of foot traffic and lots of people around. Eating is fine too. I like people watching, so I’m not on my phone the whole time. But I’m finding that waiters and other patrons are not always comfortable with me being alone. One waiter checked in far too often, I could tell he was trying to talk to me more because I was alone.  Last night, I sat next to a table of young twenty something women, and I heard them wonder out loud why I was alone.m they weren’t talking to me, so I didn’t answer, but they were talking about me.  Whatever.  Let them wonder. 

I have enjoyed this time. I’m meeting people at the conference, I’m making small talk with those around me, but I’m also just enjoying my own company. I’m not gonna let the fact that I’m here alone keep me in my hotel room. There’s a world to explore! 

Have you ever traveled alone? How did you feel? 


  1. I definitely traveled alone a lot during grad school. I wandered the streets of London, visited Scotland and Ireland alone. I went on some trips with friends too when they visited and went to Greece with a group of classmates. It’s definitely different traveling alone. I love both ways. When you’re alone you can go at your own pace, do what you want, take your time to photograph strange things like tiny flowers and moss (I’m an odd bird), and I generally feel more adventurous when I’m on my own because I can go where the wind takes me without discussing or making a decision as a group. With a group you can share your experiences, have stories to look back on and someone to chat with. Both are fun, but totally different experiences. 🙂

    • I totally agree with you, Sarah. There are advantages to both being alone and being with others. I’ve sort of enjoyed the adventurer spirit a little more while traveling alone. Just going wherever I wander has been fun.

  2. I absolutely love traveling alone, I get to do whatever I want, whenever I want 🙂
    In a few weeks I am going to Malaysia but taking a travel buddy with me…this will be the first time I travel with only one other person! We’ll see how that goes 😉

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