Throwback Thursday: Little Cousins

Throwback Thursday: Little Cousins

I have three cousins that are sort of like little siblings to me.  I am an only child, so these three were the first kiddos that were around all the time in my life.  They used to live next door to me when I was at home, so we spent lots of time together watching “Memo” (or Nemo) and having dance parties.
Here are some old pics of the sweet babies.
Sweet Gavin as a bear in kindergarten graduation.
Caitlyn- bored at soccer. 🙂
Gavin being Gavin.  Such a lil turd. ha!
Baby Lukie!  Crawling around the soccer fields.
Hanging with us in the pool. They look so little!
Luke’s first birthday!
Christmas- all the cousins together.
And this was a couple summers ago.
And here's them now (well, this was last Easter...but close enough!)

And here’s them now (well, this was last Easter…but close enough!)

They grow up so fast!  And now that they are getting all old and attitude-y, sometimes I want to say, where did the sweet little babies go? ha!  I’m sure it will only be worse someday with kids of our own!  But for now, the cousins are as close as we are getting. 🙂

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