Thursdays Five?

Thursdays Five?

Since it’s a long weekend (PTL!), I probably won’t be blogging tomorrow.  But there were some fun things going on this week…so I wanted to share five fun things anyway.  I’m a rule breaker.  Friday’s Five on Thursday.

1. Monday was this week’s good hair day.  I used quite a bit of hair powder this morning to really give me volume.

2. Monday night, we hit up a local restaurant for a karaoke contest.  My awesome friend Haley came with.  We both sang (and my homegirl kicked butt!  She was robbed that she didn’t move on in the contest).  But, I made it to the semifinals in August.  I’m prepping a killer Whitney Houston song. 🙂

3. We saw a tarantula on our walk last night.  I almost stepped on it.  Creepy, but neat to watch him walking about.

4. I got new bathroom art from Hobby Lobby (can I be ok with shopping there even though I think all women should have full access to health care? yes. I can.  They have pretty things.  I don’t boycott people in my life who think differently than me.)  It’s gold and pretty and has one of my favorite hymns.  I like it.

5. We are running/walking a 5K in the morning (yes, we are the crazies who are getting up at 6 a.m. on a holiday to workout…and we paid money to inflict such torture on ourselves.).  We are dressing crazy.  Prepare yourselves for the recap post.

I’m so glad today’s my Friday!  We are ordering pizza at work today…so that’s always fun. 🙂

Have a great, safe, happy 4th of July weekend, friends!  FREEDOM!

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