Time Travel

Time Travel

For a while, we haven’t been going to church on Wednesday nights.  It just wasn’t fitting into life.  Wednesdays became a great night to be at home….however, now it’s Tyler’s only time to be at church, so our routine is changing.

However, our church does these group studies on Wednesday nights, and jumping in mid-semester isn’t ideal. So when we were there last night, I felt a little lost…like where do I jump in?  If I join a group I’ll be behind in a study. I don’t really have the time to join choir (I’m involved in other Sunday ministries)….so what to do?  Well, I went with my MIL to youth group.  They have a message and worship and no small group time, so I wouldn’t really be intruding.

And it felt like time traveling.

It has been like 10 years since I was in youth group….and nothing has changed.

They still play crazy games.

And the boys still SMOKE the girls in those games.

And boys will still eat the leftover candy from the game off the floor.

And the girls still think it’s gross.

And the message is still great.

And the music is even the same. David Crowder.  “You are more– Beautiful–than anyone — ever.”  Loved it.

Kids were worshipping, praying, getting it.

God is still moving.  Changing lives.


The good, the crazy, it was all still there.  I’m glad to see nothing has changed.  It didn’t need to.


  1. Maybe that’s what you needed to see–that no matter how long you’re gone, God is still the same and with you, working. You just come when you can and as you are.

  2. Although it’s cool that nothing has changed…I never want to go back/have no desire to be in a room full of youth again. I’ve had my share these past couple of years here, although the drama isn’t quite as heavy as it is in America it’s still stupid and makes me want to curl up in a ball. I always thought I would want to be apart of youth ministry but the older I get the farther away I want to run. I’ll stick with adults.

    • Yeah I could tell there was still some drama going on…but since I wasn’t in the middle of it, it wasn’t bad. There is drama in adult ministry too. ha!

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