Tips for the Perfect Grilled Cheese

Tips for the Perfect Grilled Cheese

On my way home from Arkansas Women Bloggers University a few weeks ago, I stopped at a favorite spot- Burl’s Smokehouse.  They do house-smoked meats, but my favorite thing there is the sourdough bread.  When we lived in Hot Springs, mom and dad would often go on Sunday drives out to Burl’s, and they always brought home a load of bread.  The bread comes in solid loaves, and they’ll slice it for you when you buy it. Mom always bought the white sourdough, but to be a bit healthier, I bought the wheat sourdough.

When I got home with my wheat sourdough bread, I realllllly wanted a grilled cheese.  Tyler and I think I happen to make a killer grilled cheese, so I thought I’d document my tips for you.

First, start with butter in the pan over medium heat. Let the butter brown a bit.

Spread mayonnaise on your bread.  Yes. I said mayo. Trust me.  It just makes the bread crunchy, yet soft and delicious. A light layer on the bread and you won’t taste mayo.

Put the bread mayo side down into the butter.


Use a microplane grater for the cheese to get it smooth.  The microplane makes small shreds, so it gets creamy.  Bonus!  Microplane graters are made in Arkansas! I use a medium-hard cheese.  I LOVE the unexpected cheddar from Trader Joe’s – it’s a white cheddar/Parmesan mix. I also love to use a cranberry white cheddar, which is what I used on this day.  There is also bacon under there, because, bacon.



Toast the bread until lightly browned and flip it.  Cook it until it’s golden!

Between the good quality bread, browned butter, mayo on the outside of the bread, and microplane grated cheese…it’s the perfect grilled cheese!

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